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I decided to go against my better judgement watch the new trailer to Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 and before I go into details about what I thought about the film I just want to get something important off my chest first :censored:. I just want you all to know that just from watching that trailer my opinon on both the crappy cheesy shitty movies, its entire franchise and that bitch Bella Swan hasn't changed at all but it has in fact made me just hate them more with such a passion that words can't explain it.

"After 18 years of being utterly ordinary I finally found that I can shine." After hearing her say that the first thing that came to my mind is, "Okay Bella, you want to shine I know the perfect way for you to shine... :onfire:.' Just from saying that I seriously wish that I could scorch her worthless pathetic existence with a high powered flamethrower until she was nothing more than dirt. It's just that after everything that has happened to her in the previous books none of it encouraged her to try and become a stronger person because of it but decided to remain a pathetic damsel in distress and allow herself to be controlled by an over sparkling jealous possesive stalking vampire, no character development for her. Even more important I would like to know what 'ordinary' is since she seems to be such an expert on it, well that and being a weak-spirited individual who allows herself to be controlled and also is willing to throw herself off a cliff just to hear Mr. Sparkle's voice again or something. It has even gotten to a point for me that if I ever came face to face with Kristen Stewart I seriously would deck her one across the face, and Stephanie Meyer of course.

Close to the end of the new trailer the Cullens, the wolf pack and the other vampires that they gathered from around the world are all standing in a open field ready to face the Volturi, along with Renesmee (her name sucks by the way). Can someone please explain to me who would take a child into a battle that is filled with the world's most dangerous vampires? If that isn't probably the stupidest and irresponsible thing to ever do it just goes to show right there that even being a vampire has made her even more stupider and it hasn't helped her in good parenting skills either.

I would also like to point out that in the trailer Bella is standing off against the Volturi looking like such a badass :wtf: and also shows her running facing off against the Volturi determined to defeat them all :puke: seriously that was the feeling I got in my stomach because it's like 'Are you kidding me?' Now that she is a vampire she's like 'Okay, after allowing myself to be weak-minded, controlled, almost dying delivering a half-human child and being turned into a vampire now I can become a stronger person, be a huge badass and defeat them all' :jawdrop: I kept thinking to myself, 'Please let her get killed' but no we know what happens they convince the Volturi not to kill their daughter, they call off the battle and they can go on with their immortal over sparkling lives and live happily ever after. :sarcasticclap: :sleepy:

The only good thing about this film is that this is the last film of this shitty book franchise and hopefully if we are all lucky Ms 'Creativity' :rofl: has come to her senses...well she really doesn't have any if she came up with this underdeveloped time-wasting story line of a series right? Well whatever she has in that empty jug she calls her head she will just leave it at that, leave the story writing to the real professionals and not even attempt to pick up the story with Renesmee (Man, I hate that name) and Jacob because she is probably going to make Renesmee even more beautiful and even more sparkling than her parents are and for all we know she might come up with another lame-ass out of proportion idea again of another folkloric being maybe one where zombies live amongs them and there are vegetarian ones that eat the brains of animals and maybe they don't look so decaying and look like normal humans and their skin sparkles in the moonlight and theirs is harder than steel....:rofl: :lmao: :rofl:. Okay, I think that is enough venting in this blog for now. For all you twilight -hating fans out there just hold on okay we just have to put up with this lame advertising for a few more months until this film comes out and begins to pollute all of theaters with it's nasty distasteful movie plot and than after that it will be out of theaters but on DVD of course but that's okay I will need some new material by than to practice my archery, my Bella Swan and Edward Cullen poster already has too many holes in them.

Now before I leave I just have one more thing I would like to say about Bella Swan and her Creator Stephine Meyer :finger::stupid:

Good day everyone: :wave:
I did this a few years ago when I first made the group, and since we got way more members, I feel as if I'm going to ask this again. Since you all dislike Twilight I just want you to answer a few questions of why you don't like it. and stuff.

1) Why do you dislike Twilight?
2) Who is your least favourite character(s) and why?
3) If you can rewrite the whole series, what would you change/(or fix maybe)?
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Our FAQ./ Quotes

Q: Why do you hate Twilight?
Blatant sexism eg. the fact that Bella actually attempts suicide because the boy she is crushing over moved out of town. Mary-sue's eg. in the book, literally every boy in the school loves Bella and her cute clumsiness and low self-esteem. Unoriginality about the entire 'vampire' genre eg. If Smeyer wanted to change the entire concept of what makes a vampire what it has been ever since the early legends then why not just name they something completely different and leave all the vampire-fans alone. Seriously. The idolisation of unhealthy actions within a relationship, not only extremely possessive partners and teenage pregnancy. The fans eg. how some girls and women seem to throw themselves at the fictional characters but overall what we really don't understand how something so awful could create such a massive movement.

Q: Are you implying that Twilight fans don't have lives?
No. We're criticizing the book. If you don't have a life, that's your problem; we don't blame that on Twilight.

Q: Why waste your time on something like this?
Because we have as much of a right to hate something as you have to love it, we're simply doing something we are passionate about.

Q: You're just jealous because Edward isn't your boyfriend.
Of course we are, I mean; what other reason could we possibly have for hating Twilight.

Q: Do you really think that Twilight is the worst book ever written?
It's the worst book I've ever read.

Q: I hate you because you hate Twilight.
Well, we all can't be friends.

Q: Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Team Shut-The-Fuck-Up.

Q: You should die.
No, I'm going to live forever.

Q: We respect your opinion, but can you shut the hell up?
You do realize that you are contradicting yourself, don't you?

Winning Anti-Twilight Quotes-

Stephen King:
“Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.

"Edward is not a vampire. He's a sparkling pixie who saves brainless and helpless females. Ergo, he's a fairy godmother." -Some wise deviant's stamp

"Edward sparkles and lives in the forest. He's not a vampire. He's a fairy."

"Twilight=Toilet No difference"

"sparkling vampires are just figments of imagination from a mad womans mind"
-Natsumi Hinata, Sgt. Frog

if you want your group to be our affiliates, just ask :aww:
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dead anti twilight groups R.I.P ;w;:
#Pro-Sanity :c

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EpicRandomCat115 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree that twilight sucks, but It's kinda unnecessary to make a whole group dedicated to hating it, ya know? It's really not worth all of the flamers and butthurt fangirls swarming onto your profile with their stupid bullshit.
SonicXKimmy172 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015  Professional Filmographer
Twilight does not suck! Angered :angry: 
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Literature-Goddess Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015
I have two things to tell. A: MAY I JOIN THIS GROUP?!?! And B: "If Bella was perfect and we weren't, OH we must be SOOOOOOO jealous of the bitch. Get a clue, NO ONE in Twilight is pretty and perfect, get a clue sluts."
menslady125 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
:iconthankyouplz: You won't be disappointed in me!
Barricade379 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
Hmm are OC's allowed?
Timelord909 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Student Photographer
I dont join hate groups
But this is acseptional

They ruined wearwolves for me
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TanithLipsky Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
omgosh, how can this book exist?!…
tultsi93 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Oh, I love the group avatar! "Vampires don't sparkle!" That's so true!XD
For example my Monster High oc Fang, he doesn't sparkle at all. Not literally, not figuratively. He rarely bathed, and proposes pervert stuffs to Jeff!XD
And that Bella, she's so annoying!XO
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